Hot New Tracks: The Freshest of The Fresh Part Deux. Re-Edits, Remixes & Mashups. (Music Review)


“I can resist anything but temptation.”
– Oscar Wilde

I had so much fun compiling my last volume of Fresh Tracks, that I couldn’t resist doing it all over again. On a Spring morning in April that’s currently including freezing rain and snow, there is something very instinctual in me to crave salty carbohydrates, and retreat to a dark cave somewhere. It’s important to remind ourselves that Summer will arrive one day. So warm weather is an important theme in this one… It’s time to lie back down on the couch, and pop open a bag of crispy, salty goodness. I’m sure Oscar Wilde would agree – sometimes it’s important to indulge once in awhile.

Carlos Francisco – Drums of Kadoma – Soundmen On Wax
There is nothing quite like the sounds of the jungle to take you to another place; warm, wet and a bit dangerous. That’s how this journey of a track starts off, it’s a slow, tribal build up that seems simple at first, but everyone knows that the best rhythms are the deceptive ones that take you to places you never expected. This is one of them.

Ray Charles – I Got A Woman (Father Funk Remix)
The Uk’s Father Funk injects some bass into this Ray Charles toe tapping classic, brimming with positivity and thankfully leaving all that horned goodness in.

Aaron Smith – Dancin (KRONO Remix)
This Aaron Smith track is an infectious love letter to movement that is both joyous and celebratory. Simply put; this shit is 100% pure dopeness. I have had it on repeat for days. I think my neighbors might hate me. Then again, maybe they’re dancing to it too.

Papa Gumbo’s Generator Riddim ft Doug E Fresh (KeyanigFM Mashup)
Some things were destined to be together. Like Papa Gumbo and Doug E Fresh. Once you hear it, you’ll know why. I can’t embed this track, so you’ll have to click the link below to hear it. Trust me; it’s so worth it.

Broken Bells – Holding On For Life (Solomun Remix)
At this point, I should go full disclosure here, I got this one as well as the Krono Remix off the last set Pete Tong did for Mix Mag. This was his opening track. It’s just brilliant, I’ve heard it about 20 times this week, and I still get chills every time. Another flawless remix.

JB Sex Masheen *KON RMX
There are few tracks more iconic than James Brown’s signature Sex Machine. So the stakes are always high when someone tweaks with it. This one manages to present a perfect blend of all the original elements that somehow manages to produce another classic. Complete with a satisfying ingredient list of samples and loops that teases and seduces, it’s a fun enhanced version of the original, guaranteed to make your booty shake.

Curtis Harding – Keep On Shining
This turned up in my inbox last night, and although it may not be a remix or mashup, we all know that rules were made to be broken. And Keep on Shining is worth the exception. Pure soul tinged goodness that take you back to the days of Al Green and awesome shiny jumpsuits. Love the video as well.

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