Before They Pass Away: Photographer Captures Breathtaking Pictures of Disappearing Indigenous Tribes. (Photography)

It’s sometimes too easy to be seduced by technology. Most of us live in a world bombarded with advertisements that try to convince us we need the latest phone, flatscreen tv or any number of other shiny new accessories. But in the far corners of the globe, there still exists an increasingly small number of tribes that live their lives not for material gains, but for simpler reasons. Their priorities don’t rest on salaries, cars, or houses. It’s a lifestyle based instead on survival, often in near inhospitable surroundings. It’s this kind of living that makes family and community that much more important.


It’s not without irony then, that British photographer Jimmy Nelson spent the first 18 years of his career as a commercial photographer; hawking products like cigarettes, alcohol, banks and airlines before deciding to embark on a journey to shoot pictures of endangered tribes from around the world. Check out more of these remarkable photos below, along with a recent Ted Talk he gave where he details the lessons all of us can learn from these cultures, along with an excellent story involving getting drunk on vodka in a blizzard in Mongolia, and having to take a whizz. If you’re in Berlin, you can see some of his photos on display at the CWC Gallery, or purchase his book over here.






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