Fresh New Tracks: Rome See, Alex Tunietv & Ronald Jenkees. (Music Review)

DG has been on a bit of a break for the last few months. In May, we quietly marked our 7 year anniversary. I thought the best way to re-ignite would be to write about one of my favourite passions; independent and underground music. Thanks to all of the artists I’ve connected with, all over the world over the years. And thanks to everyone for visiting, commenting and supporting DG. It’s really grown into something unexpected but very worthwhile and rewarding.  Here are some new tunes that have stood out for me recently.

Rome Cee is back! You might remember I wrote about him here and later when he collaborated with Greenspan.  He also goes by Rome See. But he’s still from Baltimore. And most importantly, he’s still spitting hypnotizing personal story lines & social commentary that will perk anyone’s ears up all over top some of the cleanest beats straight outta Charm city.

Alex Tiuniaev is a former contributor to Digitized Graffiti. He wrote a really interesting piece about the link between emotional and cerebral responses in music a few years back. He’s obviously been busy since then making ethereal, ambient based beats. If you’re looking to chill from the stresses of news headlines, traffic or plain old modern living, a dose of bird nest living is all you need.

The coke bottle glasses & fedora wearing keyboard guru Ronald Jenkees is also back with some new beats. I have to confess it’s the best music I’ve enjoyed from him since his early efforts. There is plenty of slow building, signature glitch and synth beats that make it a fun album to play while you work. Or pretend to work.

Finally, a new & noteworthy submission arrived by electronic post a few months back. I haven’t been able to write about it since then and unfortunately I can’t seem to embed the song I like on wordpress.  It’s intense, it’s raw and it’s powerful. Check out UK based Ghost2000 stuff over here.


Top photo is cover art for Alex Tiuniaev, and courtesy of photographer Katya Lisich.

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