The Strange World of M dot Strange. (Art/Animation)

Every once in awhile after sifting through what seems like an unending stream of unoriginal, rehashed generic ideas of television and film concepts, if you are lucky, you come across a filmmaker like M dot Strange.  He made a refreshingly weird and wonderful movie called “We Are The Strange.”   It is a fascinating, dark  and surreal video game world that features 2 outcasts fighting for survival in a world full of monsters. See the film below.

The following link below is a clip from a 2008 film conference in Berlin of M dot giving a talk.  M dot gives talks like these all over the world because his personal journey in film is unique. Although his film made it’s debut at the Sundance Film Fest it was too bizarre to find a distributor, so he launched his film on youtube, and retained all rights to the movie and made his money by dvd sales. He’s got lots of other interesting things to say about technology, finding an audience and independent filmmaking advice.

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