Hot Docs Top Pick: Poster Girl. (Documentary)

Director Sara Nesson discovered her subject Robynn Murray while working on another film, but wisely focused on the compelling story of Robynn‘s life soon after. A former high school cheerleader, Robynn enlisted in the American military shortly after September 11, and soon became the poster girl for the American army as a female combat soldier. After witnessing the harrowing brutality of war, she soon developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, rendering her largely unable to cope with life and heavily medicated. But it’s a combination of her strength of character, sheer tenacity, and an art program run by the Iraq Vets Against the War that help rebuild her shattered life and find meaning through the sharing of her experiences. Simply put, this is a beautiful, heartwrenching film about a very beautiful person. This film, along with my other top pick Melissa, Mom & Me are both the reasons why I love documentary films, and why I became a doc filmmaker. It’s not just about finding a compelling subject – it’s about reaching deeper into what it is to be human, how we relate to one another, and ultimately, it holds a mirror up to all of us. Click here for the site and below for two clips from the movie.

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