Music Nation: Uncovering The Roots of Underground Dance Culture. (Music History)

An excellent new series courtesy of Dazed and Channel 4 has been diligently documenting some of the UK’s most explosive underground music scenes in the last 25 years. So far, Music Nation has covered pirate radio stations and the rise of UK Garage, the Balearic sound and it’s meteoric impact that led to rave culture, the Bristol sound, British Hardcore, and most recently; the roots of Jungle. The series features a dizzying array of featured interviews with the djs, musicians and key players of each scene. Check out the latest episode on the roots of Jungle, and learn how it all started with merging the House sound with Breakbeat and Reggae elements. Featuring Daddy Earl, Fabio, Grooverider, Kenny Ken, and many others. Highly recommended. Below that, a trailer for the first episode on the roots of UK Garage.

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